Otherworlds Anthology

Otherness. The very idea invokes everything from fascination, to suspicion, to abject terror. But who is “the other?” A hero, come to save us? A villain, bent on destroying us? A mirror, meant to show us the best and worst of ourselves?

This short story anthology contains science fiction, fantasy, and contemporary fiction from some of the inland northwest’s finest writers, both emerging and established. Through compelling prose and inventive storytelling, it explores the concept of otherness, and our very human responses to those things that lie just beyond our understanding.

A sheriff investigates murder on an alien planet.

A Catholic priest is almost killed by a falling angel.

A half-fae teenager dates a faun against her parents’ wishes.

A soldier is assigned to save the world — by killing a defenseless boy.

A jazz band from Mississippi tries to make New York care.

A boy sees ghosts, and the ghosts see him.

A man is homeless and marooned on an alien planet called “earth.”

A man in denial about his own loneliness gets a dose of sense from a little girl.

A beached Void Captain is reinstated for a rescue mission, with a catch – insufficient fuel to do it.

Vivid characters wind through fourteen tales that range from delightfully off-beat to gritty and poignant. In a myriad of ways, we are challenged to face our humanity, examine our preconceptions, and redefine what it means to belong.


Once upon a time, a fellow writer and I looked at each other and decided it was time to be brave. Our writing group and solitary local authors needed an opportunity to publish, and we knew that success is self-made. My intrepid co-editor, Guy Worthey, and I decided early on that we wanted this to be a volume of work that the contributing authors would always be proud of. So we worked closely with each writer, shaping and polishing their stories into little gems. We are truly proud and happy to share this work to the world. The contributing authors include: James C. Glass

Terri Picone

William Engels

Bianca Wemhoff

Antonia Overstreet

Sonya Bramwell

Guy Worthey

C. M. Daniels

Mark Rounds

Leona Ahles

Jay Dearien

Zoe Lavander

Guy Worthey is a wonderful human being, with talent for writing in his pocket, although his day job carries the title of Astrophysicist. He's the author of the thrilling Ace Carroway adventure series, which you may find here: guyworthey.net Buy the Otherworlds anthology in paperback (Amazon) and Kindle (Amazon) and several other ebook formats (books2read) or order from your own local indie bookstore!